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I forgot to feature the quaintest thing from New Hampshire! Quainter than the other thing that I said was the quaintest thing.

Let’s ignore the satellite dish.

This is an actual house on Locke Island in Lake Winnipesaukee.

Quaintness breakdown:

80% White Victorian trim

12% Disproportionate porch-to-house ratio

03% It’s in the woods AND on a lake.

05% It’s on an island!


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Other things I bought in NH!

My friend Andrea is a new homeowner and I am helping her out with the decor. So most of these things are for her if the hoarder in me lets them go.

Vintage table cloth from a consignment shop in Laconia ($5):

These three prints were in the basement at an estate sale. The little description in the bottom right states that they were commissioned by the Union Pacific railroad for promotional purposes. Andrea is from St. Louis so I thought the expansive landscapes would make her nostalgic. I overestimated my color correction skills.



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Last weekend I visited New Hampshire for the first time. (Only 29 states left on my bucket list!) My boyfriend Greg’s family has vacationed there for about 500 years and his Dad owns a cabin in Gilford with a view of Lake Winnipesaukee.

The Lakes Region (Lake Winnipesaukee and a few smaller nearby lakes) is pretty out-of-touch with the rest of the world which means I LOVED it! For example, I bought these 2 items at a barn sale for $.50:


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